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      Started in a beach town now we're here.




      At Woodroze, we’re laser focused on spreading stoke.

      We’re on a mission to build a company with a magnetism for good vibes over a thirst for profits. Sure, we could be making bank sitting in a cubicle from 9-5… But that’s not who we are. We’d rather #OutrunTheSun surfing, fishing, exploring, and living our small-town coastal lifestyle to the fullest while creating a product we can stand behind. 



      BE BOLD 


      We’re not the cookie-cutter type, and neither are our shades.

      We pride ourselves on breaking the mold in everything we do. Life is too short to blend into the background, and we think authenticity should be worn like a badge of honor.
      We’d rather live among the bold ones: those who embrace their uniqueness and possess an unquenchable drive to say yes to adventure. Every signature style we develop is designed to catch eyes, turn heads, and reflect your true nature.



      We’ll be the first to admit it: we like nice things.

      Not fancy cars or fur coats, per se… but well-built, useful things with hand-crafted precision that will last a lifetime.

      In our development process, we unite premium components, clean lines, and unique design together with cutting-edge manufacturing. Nothing brings us more satisfaction than over-engineering our craft and practicing #SafeSpecs™.
      Except for maybe getting spit out of a 6’ Nicaragua barrel or a tight line on a 46-inch snook... But you get the idea.