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Where Wood Meets The Clearest Lens Around

As Clear As Glass Without Breaking

Each pair of WoodRoze comes equipped with nylon lenses. Nylon has a high abbe value which means it helps contrast colors and creates clear vision. Nylon is as clear as glass, but way more durable. Our light-weight lenses protect against breakage and daily wear. The result is a clear and effective glass that feels easy to wear.

The Power of Polarization

When light strikes a flat surface, the light is reflected back at you in a way which creates glare and low visibility. Polarized lenses create a special filter to block this effect. These lenses allow only filtered or "polarized" light through. This filtering gives you clarity even on brightest of days. 

Lens Coatings All Around

Our lenses receive a series of coatings designed to further improve their quality. The backside of each lens is coated with an anti-reflective to prevent peripheral light from hindering your vision. The front of each lens has a mirror coating to defend your gaze and to look great. Lastly, we dip the entire lens into an anti-scratch / anti-microbial coating to protect your lenses from oil, dirt, and scrathces. 

Crafted by Hand and Machine

WoodRoze has developed a unique and modern approach to craft high-quality sunglasses. Our process combines cutting-edge technologies with hand-crafted precision. Every single pair of sunglasses we sell are finished and inspected by hand. We use our multi-disciplinary approach to ensure all glasses meet our quality standards.   

Not All Acetate is Create Equal

Acetate is sustainable material know for its strength. The acetate used in our glasses comes from renewable resources and is also hypoallergenic. We chose our acetate to deliver a high-end product with commercial-grade quality.

Handpicked Frames and Hinges That Last

Our team travels the world to personally select the materials for our frames. We pair all our frames with hinges made from 100% German Stainless Steel. We chose these hinges to give you quality frames that are built to last. 

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