Top 5 Hiking Trails in US


When is comes to hiking trails there are so many options, just in one area there could be hundreds of routes leading you to different peaks and sights. Taking this into consideration, we wanted to make a list of the nations Top 5 hiking trails, which were both beautiful and doable for most individuals. We hope this helps when deciding your next get-away, hiking adventure or even better, inspires you to start planning one now. The trails are listed from shortest to longest.

1. Stone Mountain



Location: Georgia

Distance: 1.1 miles

Height: 1,686 ft

The trail is open from dawn to dusk. Restrooms, snack bars and souvenirs are all located at the top of the mountain. On clear days, you can see 60 miles from the mountain, including an amazing view of downtown Atlanta.

2. Angels Landing, Zion National Park



Location: Utah

Distance: 2.4 miles

Height: 1,488 Ft

Angels Landing is known as one of the most thrilling hikes in the US. The end of the hike delivers exquisite views in every direction considering it sits upon a lofty perch. The beginning of the trail is paved and about half way into the trail, it turns into sandstone. Most of the trail is sunny, but the canyon does give some options for shade. Keep in mind that even though the peak is at 1,488 Ft the actual elevation is 5,785 Ft because you are already starting at high altitude when you begin the hike.

3. Mooney Falls, Grand National Park



Location: Arizona

Distance: 3 miles

This 3-mile hike begins at the Supai village in the Indian reservation. The trail will take you through steep canyons, caves and waterfalls. Mooney Falls is mostly known for is unique turquoise color, reflecting beautifully on the orange canyon rock. It is the perfect way to refresh after your hike.

4. The Highline Trail (Logan Pass to Granite Park Chalet)



Location: Montana

Distance: 7.6 miles

The Highline trial is extremely popular for good reasons; it is mostly flat making the hike relaxing and enjoyable. The views are also breathtaking no matter what part of the hike you are in. This trail is family friendly with many options to take snack/lunch breaks along the way.

5. Kalalau Trail



Location: Hawaii

Distance: 11 miles

This trail has some the most spectacular views cutting through 5 traverse valleys before reaching the end at Kalalau Beach. The trail is almost never leveled as it crosses above towering sea cliffs and through lush valleys. This hike takes 2 days for the average person, most people camp along the way. The views this trail delivers are more than worth the hike; keep in mind that this trial is recommended for experiences hikers only.


WoodRoze believes going out and exploring is a big part of life, it allows us to take a break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and brings us only inspiration. The world around is extremely beautiful, we just have to take the time to explore it and learn from it; it can teach us more than we ever thought. There will never be a universal agreement on the top 5 hikes; but we believe our list is a good place start. Stop waiting and GO EXPLORE!