The Expeditioners


Bella wears the Joi – Brown Natural Skate


Bella and Roberto, known as the Expeditioners, is a couple that made travel a way of life. They live to unearth the different wonders the world has to offer.



The best parts about The Expeditioners adventures are how they share them with the rest of the world. Whether it’s through videos or photos, they are able to exhibit their travels in an elevating manner that keeps us wondering, why we aren’t doing the same.



The Expeditioners inspire us to travel and keep an open mind to new cultures, new experiences and new challenges. How else can we grow, if we don’t expose ourselves to unfamiliar elements?





Bella wears the ROOST’R– Matte Black, Mirror Gold


You can find the Expeditioners rocking WoodRoze on all their travels. We take joy in seeing our sunglasses making it to the world’s extremities. As we always say, GO EXPLORE!




Here are some words from The Expeditioners:


We’re here to inspire people to get out and explore. To dream, and then accomplish! Roberto and I make-up The Expeditioners: extreme sport photographers, athletes, explorers, travellers, adventurers. We have no qualms (indeed we love) being in the cold clutch of winter, and are just as happy in the throes of summer. We’re good and happy… so long as we are outside in nature.


With the advent of social media came our ability to share our moments, photos, and videos with the world. Thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat we now reach hundreds of thousands of people with our extreme globetrotting, camping, climbing, trekking, kitesurfing, scuba diving, kayaking, and pretty much any other outdoor activity.


I’ve knocked off over 27 countries and Roberto some 35 and all 7 continents! We hope you’ ll check us out on social media, and get inspired to live a life worth dreaming. Stay tuned as our Woodroze shades take us from the peak of mountains, to the beautiful Caribbean ocean and all over the world!


Until next time, Bella.


Follow their adventures:

Instagram: @expeditionesbella & @theexpeditioners


Snapchat: ExpedsBella & Expeditioners