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Polarized Amber Lenses [Pyrate]


Story: Here at WoodRoze, we are very proud to announce that we have partnered with Carl Zeiss Vision and our collections are now equipped with the best of the best.

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Amber Lenses – Pyrate

Here at WoodRoze, we are very proud to announce that we have partnered with Carl Zeiss Vision and our collections are now equipped with the best of the best.

We use Zeiss polarized nylon lenses for the sharpest clarity possible. Take a look on why they are superior to all other lens materials. No pun intended.

Ordinary light is un-polarized: it oscillates in all directions until it strikes a smooth surface. When sunlight is reflected off a surface (e.g. water, glass, asphalt, snow) it will lead to distracting glares. The reflected light is polarized horizontally which is when our lenses come in play. They absorb the annoying horizontal rays, while the remaining light is transmitted. There is also 100% protection from all UV rays.

Anti-reflective Coating
This coating reduces all light that reflects on the internal surface of the sun lens that inhibits perfect, relaxed viewing. It ensures max comfort and performance of the lens no matter what you’re doing.

Flash Multilayer & Multilayer Coatings
The multilayer coatings provide unbelievable covering power, mirror brightness and beautiful vibrant colors that you cannot achieve with normal mirrored lenses.

Inspired by Nature, Crafted by Man: We started in 2009 by a small team of true outdoorsmen and action sport fanatics. We hail from the north where we grew up living an outdoor lifestyle and when relocated to the south where we added a plethora of other exhilarating activities to our regiment. Woodroze came to fruition out of the pure desire to have the best optics for the active lifestyle while maintaining a low carbon footprint. Whether it be hunting in the Yukon Territory, running hundreds of miles offshore or just tailgating your favorite event. Our products are manufactured out of the best materials we can get our hands on.They are specifically built for the people that are bred to be adventurist and most of all look good doing it.

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