Lens and Frame Technology

Lens and Frame Technology + Materials

Here at WoodRoze, we are very proud to announce that we have partnered with Carl Zeiss Vision and our collections are now equipped with the best of the best.

We use Zeiss polarized nylon lenses for the sharpest clarity possible. Take a look on why they are superior to all other lens materials. No pun intended.

Ordinary light is un-polarized: it oscillates in all directions until it strikes a smooth surface. When sunlight is reflected off a surface (e.g. water, glass, asphalt, snow) it will lead to distracting glares. The reflected light is polarized horizontally which is when our lenses come in play. They absorb the annoying horizontal rays, while the remaining light is transmitted. There is also 100% protection fromall UV rays.

woodroze-roostr-mirror-goldcarl-zeiss-lenses  lens-and-frame-technology-roostr-carl-zeiss-mirror-lens-close-up-2    woodroze-pyrate-polarized-bahama-mirror-blue-nylon-lenses



lens-and-frame-technology-roostr-carl-zeiss-rear-anti-reflective-coatingAnti-reflective Coating
This coating reduces all light that reflects on the internal surface of the sun lens that inhibits perfect, relaxed viewing. It ensures max comfort and performance of the lens no matter what you’re doing.



Flash Multilayer and Multilayer Coatings
The multilayer coatings provide unbelievable covering power, mirror brightness and beautiful vibrant colors that you cannot achieve with normal mirrored lenses.




Frame Technology and Material

Wooden Construction:

We pride ourselves absolute rarest and most structurally sound material to use, not only for our wooden sunglasses but for all of our different series. Check it out…

Since day one, we truly pride ourselves on the highest quality wooden sunglasses in the world.  We us all different types woods from all over the world that are either recycled or harvested in the most eco-minded way possible. We meticulously construct our wood sunglasses from materials such as Bamboo, Red Sandal Wood, Zebra Wood, Ebony Wood, Walnut, Oak and Canadian Maple to name a few. Not only are our wood sunglasses the lightest pair of sunglasses that you’ll ever wear but approximately 85% of them are floatable! We bring you, our “Hatchet Series”.



Click HERE to read more about all the hardwoods we use to construct our wood frame sunglasses.

Grilamid TR-90 Construction:

The scientific name for the material we use on our “Grilla” Series is Grilamid TR 90, made in the U.S. When compared to any other polyamide or material used by other sunglass companies, it excels in every aspect possible. It may be a little more expensive for us to produce our frames with Grilamid TR 90 but we use this material for some very specific reasons. Guaranteed to be the strongest and most durable sunglasses you’ve ever got your paws on. Check out the other reasons why it is our go-to material for our “Grilla Series”

-Very high flexural fatigue strength
-Excellent weather & UV resistance
-Dimensional stability and dynamic strength
-Even in low temps, it maintains it’s structural integrity
-Light weight due to it’s low density
-Uses less energy to produce & cure than other polyamides
-Transparency makes it easy to create any color frames we can dream of

After the frame is built, we equip our entire “Grilla” Series with integrated rubber nosepieces for ultimate comfort and optic grade, quad barrel stainless steel hinges to add to the ruggedness. We urge you to get a pair and put them to the test.

woodroze-roostr-black-camo-mirror-gold-carl-zeiss-nylon-sunglasses     woodroze-pyrate-matte-black-polarized-bahama-mirror-blue-carl-zeiss-nylon-sunglasses     woodroze-roostr-black-tortoise-grey-carl-zeiss-nylon-sunglasses

Hy-Brid Acetate / Wood Construction:

So far you’ve seen our Hatchet and Grilla Series. We would now like to introduce you to our “Hy-brid series“. We took the best of both worlds and combined them into one pair. We have changed the sunglass world forever.

The Hy-Brid series brings you the rigidity of our Grilla Series and the comfort and uniqueness of the Hatchet Series. For instance, we’re able to use wild and crazy colors for the front of the frame such as tortoise but still keep our wooden arms which also have a acetate distal temple to bring it all together. ie:



Hang on.

We didn’t stop there. We’ve also combined acetate and maple into our layered construction. Thinner, sleeker frames but increased durability and comfort. There are eleven layers that become one beautiful masterpiece that you’re able to wear on your face everyday.

belfort-ebony-orange-skate-black-distal-temple-polarized-grey woodroze-polekat-ebony-wood-polarized-mirror-gold-folded-wooden-sunglasses


We then moved onto raw denim as one of our main focuses for another pair. Kept the layered construction but it goes more like this. Denim, zebra wood, acetate, and repeat. Guaranteed to turn heads… Only at WoodRoze.



Thank you for your interest in our wooden & eco-friendly sunglasses. Please do no hesitate to reach out with any additional questions.

Email: info@woodroze.com