Clayton Underwood

A little more info about our buddy, Mr. Underwood…

We first met Clayton while he was injured and in recovery mode but it wasn’t a very difficult decision to bring him on board to the WoodRoze Wake Family. Since he was been with us, he’s endured multiple knee surgeries and other minor dings but it hasn’t stopped him from being a beast on the water. He’s got a special love for the sport that is very impressive… you could say he’s addicted.

Not only his passion, but his style and integrity set him apart from a lot of other riders. One conversation with this man will have you thinking the same exact thing. #nohuxgiven

Here is what Clayton has to say:

What is your favorite pair of Woodroze? Why?
“My favorite softwood frame is the RoostR, they come in come in some real slick colorways and they fit my dome real good. For a day on the lake I go with The Buffalo hardwood frame, great fit with a classic look, plus they float!”

What board do you ride? What size is it?
“I ride the Humanoid Wakeboards Plank 141 and Huxtable 138”

What’s your favorite place to ride?
“Out at Area 52 west of Orlando. It’s an awesome private wake park that was built to really push the level of riding in wakeboarding thanks to Kevin Henshaw.”

What was the last trip you went on?
“Last trip I was on I ended up in Vegas! And then rolled to Ohio to ride in a rail contest and announce for a boat contest. Spreading the WoodRoze good word everywhere!”

What’s your preferred music genre?
“Rock, Rap, Hip-hop, Country haha.”

What’s your favorite outlet for music?
“Spotify always has me dialed in but I do get some funky remix/mash-ups from SoundCloud.”

What was the last concert you attended?
“Jimmy Buffet with my dad in West Palm Beach, haha! It was pretty awesome seeing so many old people just cutting loose!”

Any other sponsors?
“Humanoid Wakeboards, Pull, CTi, Rockwell, Concrete Native,, Permacation”


Keep in touch with Clayton on his Instagram below!