Clayton Underwood : FULL VIDEO


Clayton Underwood AKA Claybabybooboo and Jake Snider team up to make a video across country where they go to six cable parks and show us what they’ve got. Claybabybooboo is a team rider for WoodRoze and we are honored to have our sunglasses featured in the video. Along with the video, there will be a giveaway, just post #GoingDownOnAmerica on your Instagram and that will automatically enter you to win. View the video for an amazing ride!


More on Clayton Underwood:

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Age: 27

Height: 5’6″

Rookie Year: 2008

Where do you live now? Orlando, FL

Your home lake/cable? Area 52 / OWC / Clermont Chain

Sponsors: Humanoid, WoodRoze, Rockwell, CTi, Concrete Native, Boardco, Permacation

Your Boat Set Up: O’Shea 139 w/ Odyssey boots, regular, one in, 12 12 angle


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